Testing in the Services World – It’s Different

Today I got back to work after about three weeks of vacation. We are getting more into the services world at work and I was reviewing a plan for testing some new service features. Thinking back to my RST experience I pulled up the Heuristic Test Strategy Model and was walking through it as kind of a checklist for reviewing the plan.

I really like using the HTSM in this way, even though it doesn’t always exactly apply (in this case it didn’t), it makes me consider things that I wouldn’t if I just reviewed the document without using it. One particular idea came to mind that isn’t explicitly in the HTSM is testing the ability to diagnose failures in the service. This is quite an important feature for on-call people who have to get the service running as rapidly as possible in the face of a failure.

It seems to me that I need to start keeping my own version of the HTSM that incorporates all these kinds of ideas to consider for future testing. I have a feeling that’s the intended way to use this model.


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