More on the AMO2Tabular Sample

I was able to set things up, build, and execute the sample. I ran into a few gotchas, though. For one, the library is signed but the key used to sign it isn’t included in the sample. I had to modify the signing of the library to include my own key. The other issue that blocked me was that by default my installation of the AdventureWorksDW2012 relational database wasn’t set up so that the Analysis Services system account had permissions on the database. Once I fixed that everything worked well.

I’m starting to investigate the source code and I’m finding that it shows the internals of how the tabular model is implemented in terms of the prior multidimensional model. For folks just want to program against the tabular model, the lack of a tabular API is a real drawback but for those of us who like understanding how things work behind the scenes, it’s pretty interesting.I kind of get the same feeling as I did back in the Windows 3.0 days when you had to use the Windows SDK to write Windows programs.


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