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With an Excel workbook open, right click on Excel in the task bar
Hold down the Alt key and click on Excel 2013
You will get a dialog asking if you want to open in a separate instance. Say OK.

Discovered in this forum post:


Did you know that you can write DAX queries against tables in your workbook’s data model in Excel 2013? You can, although I didn’t know you could until yesterday. I’m surprised I didn’t learn about this until now, This comes in real handy when experimenting with DAX. Here’s how to do it:

1. Import some data into a workbook data model

2. Create a new sheet

3. In the data tab of the ribbon click on Existing Connections and in the Existing Connections dialog, select the Tables tab:



4. Select the table you want to query and click the Open button

5. In the Import Data dialog, select Table and click OK:



6. You now have a table in the worksheet that contains the contents of the table from the data model. To change that table into the result of a DAX query on your data model, right click on any cell in the table and select Table \ Edit DAX:



7. In the Edit DAX dialog, change the Command Type dropdown from Table to DAX and enter your DAX query:



8.The table now changes to the result of your DAX query. Pretty cool!